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Mineral Collection


PLANK SIZE: 470 x 940 x 3mm
0.55 Wear layer

We are excited to launch this new and innovative LVT Tile range which is far from the ordinary!

Our COMO Mineral Collection, a stone screeded look invites the warm soft tones of a concrete floor, bringing the uniqueness of 5 Mineral decors together, creating an oceanic crust.

Our Mineral Collection is environmentally friendly and made from 100% virgin PVC materials.

Select Mineral Collection Decor
Corundum Cz4001
Gossan Cz4002
Gabbro Cz4003
Graphite Cz4004
Basalt Cz4005

Product Description

MINERAL Tech Specs:

Como Mineral Technical Datasheet

Installation and Warranty:

COMO Installation and Warranty 2018

Cleaning Instructions:

Vinyl Cleaning Instructions