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The Vinyl Frontier

Why is vinyl floor so popular here in South Africa and the rest of the world?

Vinyl flooring is in a class called ‘Resilient Flooring’ as the material isn’t rigid and can bend, roll and otherwise react to the environment in a flexible manner. It has been around since the 1920s in various formats yet it was only in the 1970s when it was manufactured in its current format of a plank with a micro-bevel to closely resemble wood. While the product has bounced around in ever re-invented formats for many years, only fairly recently the mass global market became totally obsessed with this cost-effective, waterproof and now highly-attractive product in volumes never seen before.

This trend, which has been steadily growing over the last ten years, is still in full swing in South Africa and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. With refined production and print techniques, the attractiveness of a waterproof, photorealistic and affordable floor type is all the rage globally.

As a supplier to the professional flooring trade for many years, Global Stream’s founders, Marco and Erica Wagner, noted this developing product opportunity and quickly climbed on board, introducing to South Africans the now well-established Como label. The name Como, derived from ‘comfort’ and ‘home’, has established itself as a premier and much-respected national boutique label that is the epitome of a quality product manufactured in China. Furthermore, it leads and introduces new flavours of flooring style while remaining true to its roots – quality.

Global Stream is confident to share that it’s vinyl products are carefully sourced from qualified factories in China. This is clearly displayed and celebrated in its newly-rebranded styling which includes the words ‘wood flooring’ in Chinese glyphs. It’s this edgy conversation starter that inspires good dialogue on what makes a product perform: a name, a factory or the careful custodianship of the quality requirements and management thereof from manufacture through to post installation maintenance thereof? It’s the checks and balances along every step and the educated production of the product that produces the experience of true quality that is Como.

Como vinyl in its current format is again pushing the boundaries of new styles and formats and aggressively leads the local market with its class leading ingenuity.

Here’s some insight into the journey so far…

Our oldest active range is called Como NATURE. It is a commercial range that has proven itself over and over again in our highly competitive and environmentally harsh South African conditions. It has stood the test of time structurally and aesthetically and remains a firm favourite with the professional flooring retailer. Call it bankable.

Up next, our newish 2mm range called Como EARTH has quickly proven itself as a firm favourite within the residential market. Its soft, rustic notes and contemporary feel make it highly desirable yet achievable for the discerning home owner. This range delivers on the trusted Como performance at an affordable price.

The latest range to hit our shores is the ground breaking Como FIRE range, which introduces elements in vinyl plank flooring that have never been seen before in the South African market. FIRE is a commercial vinyl plank that has a painted bevel edge to replicate that highly sought after real wood floor plank look. Como FIRE delivers on all the trend requirements of 2018 in length, width, texture and quality. Most importantly, its photorealistic and UV resistant wood design leaves you second guessing on whether its real wood, or not…

The vinyl frontier will continue to evolve and grow as the market dictates its demands yet one local aspect you can certainly be sure of is that the Como label is the one to look out for.